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Good Friday 

On Good Friday, over 2,000 years ago, it didn’t seem like a good day. If anything it looked like the darkness had won. Our Savior and Lord was tortured, beaten, whipped, slapped, ridiculed, and put to death. 

So, what makes Good Friday...good? 

Today is a good day because it’s the day our Savior took upon himself all our iniquities/sin and disease so we might be saved and have eternal life in His Name. He forgives everything we’ve done. He heals our disease. He makes all things new. You’re never to far gone for God to change and forgive you. 

Before Jesus took His last breath he said, “It is Finished.” At that moment in time, Satan thought he had won. Jesus was dead and our hope seemed like it was gone forever. But then...three days later, Jesus would walk out of that tomb victorious. Conquering death, hell, and the grave so we might be saved and death would no longer sting.

So, remember, on your worst of days, it might seem like the darkness is winning. But remember God ultimately wins the war you’re facing. Don’t give up hope, resurrection is coming!

God bless.


Heavenly Father, I ask that You bring the prodigals home in Jesus name. I ask that You heal every sickness and disease in Your people. And I ask that You give people hope in You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


Matthew 19:26, " . . .with God all things are possible."

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