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Leaves the Ninety-nine

God leaves the ninety-nine for me. And yes, I have run away like a sheep many times. But God always finds me. That doesn’t mean we should continue to sin. But if you have failed, don’t give up. God is looking for you and it's time to step out from behind the bushes and say, “Here I am Lord, forgive me.” Jesus is a Savior, a redeemer, a sanctifier, a glorifier, a God filled with mercy overflowing the brim. He never fails us, and he never wants us to feel alone and afraid. Therefore, He leaves the ninety-nine for me.


Heavenly Father, thank You. Thank You for leaving the ninety-nine for me even when I don’t deserve to be found. “Thank You” isn’t even enough to express my gratitude and joy toward You. I love You Lord with all my heart and ask that You train me to love You with all my mind too. I know you are coming soon. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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