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Jesus' Faithfulness

Sometimes we forget how many things we are blessed with and start feeling sad about things we don’t yet have. But you know what, God still cares about how you feel. He understands when your sad, lonely, and have deep longings. He understands when you feel ugly or insecure. He even understands why you’re feeling the way you are feeling, even if you do or don’t know the why. Yet through it all, Jesus is there. Through the ups and down, and dreams not yet come true, He understands. And there is nothing like a God who understands you. Jesus if faithful and He never wants you to feel alone. Jesus wants us to be happy with a smile on our face but even if we are not, Jesus is the one who makes us happy again. God is faithful.


Heavenly Father, help me be thankful for what I do have and be patient for the things I want. Deliver me from the evil one and help me be happy at the stage of life you have given me. Yes, I may not understand your plan, but I choose to trust You through it all. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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